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Save yourself time and money on your scaffolding projects. With ScaffPlan, you can efficiently create fully customizable top-notch designs, engineer jobs faster, and receive completely accurate gear lists, and so much more.

Developed by industry-leading scaffolders, this program equips you with the tools to be the best in the business. Whether you work in residential, commercial, events, or any other construction sector, you won't find a more flexible product than ScaffPlan.

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We understand the challenges faced by the industry like no one else, and that's what sets ScaffPlan's solutions apart. ScaffPlan is built to provide fast, safe, easy, and cost-effective access to scaffolding for everyone..


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With intelligent and automated features, you can confidently tackle even the most demanding projects. Allow ScaffPlan's intelligent technology to handle the difficult tasks, while you enjoy the rewards.


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We value our customers and their feedback, as it helps us constantly improve. Our commitment is to serve as an extension of your team, providing you with top-notch tools and support to elevate your business to a world-class level.


ScaffPlan Software Capability

Our software is developed for the scaffolding industry and integrated with the power of Tekla, revolutionizes the way scaffold companies operate. By bringing BIM capabilities to the scaffold industry, ScaffPlan offers a wide range of benefits for scaffold design and project management including design flexibility, enhanced visualisation, collaboration, report accuracy, clash detection, and free support and training.

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Model supporting structures  
Draw buildings, bridges, structures, etc. to model scaffolding around
Import a wide range of reference files including PDF, DWG, DFX, and IFC.
Import Point Cloud data
Scaffolding design  
Free access to all available scaffolding systems catalogues (no need to pay extra for different systems): Layher (U & O), Kwikstage, AT-PAC (AU, EU & US), Cuplock (O & Omega), PERI UP Flex and Proscaf (O & U).
Use of automated tools to speed up the design process
Ability to build piece by piece for complex projects
Import and/or create custom scaffold components
Full flexibility to complete the most complex designs
Ability to instantly add multiple different stair and bay types
Ability to instantly add temporary roofs: Layher Keder XL  
Insert couplers/fitting and automatically rotate to the tube direction
Copy items from one or multiple components to another in less than 1 second
Customise scaffold lift heights to any desired height
Insert ladder/lattice beams and automatically insert couplers and connection details
Automatically insert building/structure offset distances
Build with system scaffolding or tube and clip/couplers/fittings
Build tanks and circular structures with 1 click
Create birdcage scaffolding easily
Add containment mesh encapsulation
Automate the creation of Handover Certificates and ScaffTags
Adjust ground levels and heights
Instantly generate leg load reports
In built clash detection
100% accurate gear lists/materials take offs
Instantly create detailed vertical engineering reports including all calculations and manufacturers' reference data
Instantly create wind load reports to access structural tie capacities (Australia wind regions only)
View all reports in editable MS Excel spreadsheets
Import/export report data to MS Excel Spreadsheets
Customise your reports with your own logos and details.
Customise reports with unique names, codes, weights, prices
Create analysis models and model loads
Show Safe Working Limits on working platforms
Create detailed 2D drawings
Scale pages to suit your personal preferences
Library of standard details to speed up drawing creation
Ability to revise the 3D model and automatically update the drawing sheets
Create custom sections, elevations, etc. without the need to do it in the model
Project collaboration
Share 3D interactive models with clients with the free web based model sharing tool
Create project teams to collaborate and work on live 3D models
Built in version and document control in model sharing
Create photo realistic 3D renders of your projects
Create photo realistic fly through animations
Walk through your project in 3D
View your project in Virtual Reality on tablets or headsets
Over 250+ searchable videos in our Knowledge Base
Unlimited free access to 24 hour support
Free onboarding and download support
Inbuilt live instructor tool to help train the users on the go
Free and unlimited training for new users
Self paced online e-Learning portal to recreate real life projects step by step
Free updates and software upgrades
4 major software releases each year
Ability to submit feedback and feature requests
Included >  
Tekla Structures (Graphite)
Tekla Model Sharing
Trimble Connect Business Premium

What our Customers Say

"From week one, we were saving money, and there was never any losing period." Brody, R & T Welding & Hire
"When the drawing is razor sharp and the gear list is razor sharp, then you know it's right." Clay, Kitja Services
"The knowledge base is fantastic, it is the best tutorial content I’ve seen from any other scaffold design system.' James
"I think your solution is one of the most advanced and optimal on the market." Andrei
"It's a fantastic tool opening so many doors in the scaffolding industry." Brendon

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