Case Study: Adapting to Change in Scaffold Design

12 February 2024 | 2 minute read

Scaff Consultant

Specialising in various aspects of scaffolding design, including temporary roofs, propping, raking shores, and temporary public stair access, Scaff Consultant takes a proactive approach to the project lifecycle. They address communication issues between clients, scaffolding companies, and engineers at every phase of a project. However, they found that traditional drafting programs could not fully cater to their specialised scaffold design requirements, particularly in creating detailed designs for client communication.

Clint Parkinson, Lead designer and Director of Scaff Consultant, spoke to our Operations Manager, Aimee Schafer, to provide some insights into Scaff Consultant's application of the ScaffPlan software.


Clint Parkinson's journey to find the right tools led him to ScaffPlan. Previous software programs were insufficient for his specialised scaffold design needs, especially when it came to creating detailed designs to illustrate construction methods to clients. Clint found himself spending significant time constraining every scaffold part to three different planes (X, Y, and Z). This complexity hindered his design efficiency. Furthermore, the lack of clash detection capabilities in the existing software made it challenging to identify design clashes that could lead to construction issues.

The Solution: ScaffPlan Software

Clint found a comprehensive solution in ScaffPlan. The software addressed his challenges and simplified the design process with its user-friendly interface. With ScaffPlan, Clint could create detailed gear lists for his clients, even for non-structurally critical items. Additionally, ScaffPlan's specialised scaffold design capabilities made it easier to communicate design intentions to engineers and clients. The software significantly reduced the time he spent on design, making him more productive and responsive to client needs.

Transforming the Scaffolding Industry

Clint's proficiency with ScaffPlan has not only increased client satisfaction but also highlighted the potential to transform the scaffolding industry. The software has improved teamwork with clients and engineers, ensuring safer scaffold designs. Clint's experience with ScaffPlan demonstrates how innovative software can transform specialised industries like scaffold design and construction. It underscores the significance of using the right tools to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction in the design process.  

Reflecting on his journey with ScaffPlan, Clint shared, "I have spent a lot of time and money over the years trying to find something that does what you guys have made. So kudos to you guys, you've done well

""For scaffolders and especially for the kind of work I do, it's far and beyond the best system I've used. It's phenomenal. It's really cool."

Thank you to Scaff Consultant

ScaffPlan would like to extend our gratitude to Clint Parkinson, Lead designer and Director of Scaff Consultant, for graciously sharing his invaluable insights on the successful implementation of ScaffPlan software within their operations.