The Mantra Midtown Project The Power of 3D Design in Overcoming Challenges

28 February 2024 | 1 minute read

The Mantra Midtown Project: Overcoming Challenges with 3D Design


In the heart of inner-city Brisbane Australia the Mantra Midtown Hotel required urgent and essential repairs. This job on a high-rise building located on a bustling street, demanded meticulous planning and execution.

This blog post explores how the project team navigated complexities, highlighting the pivotal role of 3D design and scaffolding software, specifically ScaffPlan.


  • The hotel's location off a busy street posed logistical challenges, requiring a focus on minimizing disruptions.
  • Being within a high-rise building presented difficulties in accessing the jobsite necessitating careful planning to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Working above the public on the street below required to the risk of dropped objects to be eliminated.
  • The need for precise scaffolding design and gear lists added layers of intricacy to the project


The project team turned to ScaffPlan to overcome the challenges faced during the project. 

  • ScaffPlan's 3D modelling capabilities allowed the team to identify potential issues and devise precise solutions.
  • Using 3D modelling the team could train and practice the build in a controlled, safe environment.


  • scaffold designers efficiently executed the plan using ScaffPlan, relying on 3D modelling for accurate and precise gear lists.
  • The onsite team translated the designs into an efficient build, leaving nothing to chance.
  • The project met its objectives and addressed safety concerns, with no interruption to public access and no incidents involving the general public or the project team.

Lessons Learned

The Mantra Midtown Hotel project serves as a prime example of the transformative power of incorporating 3D design and advanced scaffold software. By seamlessly integrating these innovative technologies, the project team was able to not only identify and address potential challenges with precision but also uphold the highest safety standards throughout the entire process.

 The successful outcome of the Mantra Midtown Hotel project underscores the invaluable role that cutting-edge technology plays in modern construction, setting a new standard for efficiency, accuracy, and safety in high-rise building renovations.

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