ScaffChamp 2024: A Global Gathering of Scaffolding Excellence

30 May 2024 | 2 minute read

Imagine the energy, the skill, and the camaraderie when 21 top scaffolding crews from around the globe converge in one location for an intense two-day competition. ScaffChamp 2024, hosted by the Baltic Scaffolders Association (BSA), brought this vision to life in Vilnius, Lithuania. What could have been chaos transformed into a celebration of craftsmanship, safety, and international collaboration.

Networking and Collaboration

ScaffChamp 2024 was more than just a competition; it was a unique opportunity for industry professionals to network and collaborate. Scaffolders from diverse backgrounds shared insights, techniques, and experiences. This exchange of knowledge fostered a sense of global community and mutual respect among participants, highlighting the universality of the scaffolding profession.

Showcasing Skills and Pride

For many scaffolders, this event was a chance to shine and take pride in their work. Participants demonstrated their expertise and creativity in front of peers and industry leaders. The atmosphere was electric with teams showcasing their best work, not just for the judges, but for each other, underscoring a shared passion for their craft.

Knowledge Sharing and Growth

One of the standout aspects of ScaffChamp 2024 was the emphasis on learning and growth. Workshops, demonstrations, and informal discussions provided a platform for knowledge sharing. Scaffolders learned new techniques, safety practices, and innovations that they could take back to their home countries, contributing to the overall advancement of the industry.

The Ultimate Showdown

The competition itself was fierce and exhilarating. The best of the best battled it out to determine who would be crowned the top scaffolding crew in the world. Despite the intensity, there was a strong undercurrent of respect and sportsmanship, with teams cheering each other on and celebrating each other's successes.

Safety First: A Bold Move

This year, controversy arose as some teams received time penalties for safety breaches. The referees, led by Mark Parkin, demonstrated immense courage by prioritizing safety over speed. This decision set a new benchmark for future competitions, emphasizing that excellence in scaffolding includes meticulous attention to safety protocols. Teams will undoubtedly reconsider their tactics, understanding that speed must never compromise safety.

Congratulations to Team N-Projects from Poland 

A massive congratulations to Team N-Projects from Poland, who emerged as the well-deserving champions. Their skill, precision, and adherence to safety protocols set them head and shoulders above the rest. Their victory is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

A Heartfelt Thank You 

A big thank you to Viktor Voroncov, Oleg Abramov, and the entire Baltic team for their invitation and hospitality. Special thanks to Ross Brown, Davie Campbell, Mark Corkery, Tony Nicolaisen, Isaac Morrison, for their contributions to making this event a success.

See You in 2025! 

ScaffChamp 2024 was a resounding success, and if you haven't made the trip to Vilnius, Lithuania, mark your calendar for 2025. Vilnius is an amazing city filled with friendly people, great food, and plenty to see. Start planning your trip and be part of the next incredible gathering of scaffolding excellence.