ScaffPlan 1.6: Revolutionizing Scaffolding Design

15 November 2023 | 2 minute read

At ScaffPlan, we are proud to announce the release of ScaffPlan Version 1.6, a major milestone in our journey to redefine scaffolding planning and design. This latest update is a testament to our commitment to providing construction professionals with the tools they need to achieve precision, efficiency, and safety on every project. 

Your Feedback, Our Inspiration

"We've taken feedback on board, and we've made it happen. This update is packed full of innovative features inspired by our customers, giving our users unmatched flexibility and the ability to customize their scaffold designs with speed, complexity, and precision in mind. It's our biggest release yet," says Simon Boyes, ScaffPlan's Founder.

With customer feedback in mind, we've worked hard to create a platform that empowers users to plan and design scaffolding solutions for projects of any size. Here are the key features of ScaffPlan Version 1.6:

Three New Tools

We've also incorporated three new tools to streamline the design process and make it more efficient and precise:

Tube & Clip: The Tube & Clip tool automates the modeling process for tube and clip scaffold systems, simplifying the design process for users.

Tube Connector: The Tube Connector tool significantly enhances the creation of tubes with connectors, making scaffold design even more efficient and precise.

Temporary Roof - Layher Keder Roof XL: The Temporary Roof tool automates the modeling process of temporary roof solutions, providing a valuable addition for complex projects.

Three More Systems

One of the standout features of Version 1.6 is the inclusion of three new scaffolding systems, offering greater flexibility and choice when planning projects:

PERI UP Flex: With the inclusion of PERI UP Flex, ScaffPlan users have access to an even wider range of scaffolding systems to meet their project needs.

O-Proscaf: This addition expands the variety of systems available within ScaffPlan, catering to the diverse requirements of construction professionals.

U-Proscaf: The introduction of U-Proscaf completes the trio of new systems, offering even more choices for users to create the perfect scaffold.

Major Enhancements

In addition to new systems and tools, ScaffPlan Version 1.6 includes significant enhancements to existing features:

Bay Tool - Multiple Bays Creation: The enhanced Bay tool allows for the creation of multiple bays, enhancing convenience and speed in modeling.

Bay Tool - Sloping Ground Conditions: The updated Bay tool now accommodates sloping ground conditions, increasing the software's adaptability to real-world construction environments.

Item Tool - Multiple Components Creation: The Item tool has been improved to support the creation of multiple components, streamlining the modeling of complex scaffold structures.

Item Tool - Formwork, Propping, and Shoring Applications (Base Plates and U-Jacks): The Item tool now extends its capabilities to support formwork, propping, and shoring applications, including base plates and U-jacks.

Watch ScaffPlan 1.6 at Work!