ScaffPlan Welcomes Ben Beaumont as a Director

31 January 2024 | 2 minute read

Revolutionising the dynamics of the traditional scaffolding and temporary works industry, ScaffPlan proudly welcomes Ben Beaumont to its leadership team. With his 20 years of experience in the field and his successful track record of building his own consulting business in the UK, Beaumont's appointment marks a pivotal milestone for ScaffPlan, a trailblazer in the Construction Technology (Contech) sector

A Union of Shared Values and Vision

The partnership between Beaumont and ScaffPlan Founder Simon Boyes goes beyond a mere business alliance; it represents a union of shared core values and a mutual vision for advancing excellence in the construction sector. The alignment of values became evident during a ScaffPlan demonstration, where Beaumont was impressed by the software's transformative potential in the scaffolding and temporary works sectors. Their shared vision serves as a beacon of hope for the future of the construction industry.

Collaborative Skills for Transformative Innovations

Simon Boyes, embodying a fusion of practical expertise as a scaffolder and innovative vision as the founder of ScaffPlan, perfectly complements Beaumont's expertise in technical design and engineering. This dynamic partnership is poised to revolutionize temporary works practices, introducing unparalleled efficiency, safety, and innovation to the scaffolding and temporary works industry.

Enthusiasm for Positive Change

Beaumont expresses his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the opportunity to change how scaffolding and temporary works are conceived, designed, collaborated, and executed. The potential for positive change is enormous, setting the stage for an exciting transformation in the industry.

Uniting Forces for Groundbreaking Solutions

As Boyes, Beaumont, and the entire ScaffPlan team embark on this collaborative journey, their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in scaffolding and temporary works software and design is unwavering. Their dedication to innovation serves as a testament to their commitment to benefit the construction industry by introducing transformative solutions and driving positive change.


As ScaffPlan and Ben Beaumont join forces, the construction industry can anticipate a wave of positive change. The dynamic partnership is set to reshape the scaffolding and temporary works landscape, introducing efficiency, safety, and innovation that will leave a lasting impact on the industry's future. Stay tuned for the revolutionary developments in this exciting collaboration.

Boyes, the Managing Director of ScaffPlan, has built a successful career in the scaffolding industry. Known for his dedication and comprehensive understanding of scaffolding, his passion lies in simplifying solutions for complex projects, prioritising cost-effectiveness, and emphasising the safety of the installation team and end users. Boyes is currently focused on developing affordable and accessible software automation solutions for scaffolding design, aiming to enhance efficiency and safety across businesses of all sizes and experience levels in the industry. Find out more about Simon Boyes on his LinkedIn Profile here 

Beaumont, a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers is a distinguished business leader. His two decades of invaluable experience in designing scaffolding, access, and temporary works, as well as his passion for the industry, are evident in his ownership of businesses and leadership roles in organisations dedicated to serving the sector. Find out more about Ben Beaumont on his LinkedIn Profile here